New releases:

Brånd - 'Urkraft' 12"

Five thumping and gritty tracks dedicated to places of power and timelessness. Raw black metal in the vein of Ildjarn and alike, with subtle post punk vibes.

Remixed for vinyl and mastered by Jason Wood. Released in cooperation with Tour De Garde. Limited to 300 copies.

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Brånd - 'Wo Draht Da Weg?' MC

„Wo Draht da Weg?“ Is dedicated to the obstructive spirits lurking inside. As all of Brånds releases this cassette also draws inspiration from nature and the seasons; this one being dedicated to the grey and monotonous days before nature unfolds itself again in lush abundance.

Released in cooperation with Fallow Field.

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Gates Of Londra - 'Servants Of The Runestaff' MC

New work inspired by M. Moorcocks „History Of The Runestaff“. Multifarious Industrial Black Metal which dares to draw inspiration from Epic Metal, Post-Punk, as well as the more symphonic bands of the genre. Composed by R.F. (Rosa Nebel, Parasite Dreams, Peace Vaults, etc.), accompanied by J.M. (Kringa, Brånd, Weathered Crest, etc.) on synths.

Listen here or watch the official video

Peace Vaults - 's/t' MC

New blood from the viennese gutters. Amidst the vile and hostile ravines of sooted stone and waste filled waters is a glade to be found - Peace Vaults erect four pillars of crude and stoic music, guided by luring vocals and synth melodies, which shimmer like ominously kaleidoscopic light through cracks in the walls of rat filled sewers.

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